Carnelian is a type of agate, which is a variety of quartz. It is often reddish-orange in color and is believed to have several healing properties.

  1. Promotes confidence: Carnelian is thought to boost confidence and motivation, helping you to feel more grounded and focused on your goals.

  2. Increases energy levels: It is believed to be a powerful energizing stone, helping to increase energy levels and combat fatigue.

  3. Improves mental clarity: Carnelian is believed to improve concentration and mental clarity, making it a useful stone for students or those working in creative fields.

  4. Reduces anxiety: This stone is thought to calm the mind and reduce anxiety, helping you to feel more relaxed and at ease.

  5. Promotes feelings of happiness: Some people believe that carnelian has the ability to lift the mood and promote feelings of happiness and joy.

  6. Balances emotions: Carnelian is believed to help balance the emotions, helping you to feel more centered and calm.

  7. Promotes physical healing: Some people believe that carnelian has the ability to aid in physical healing, particularly in the lower body and reproductive system.

It is important to note that crystal healing is not a substitute for traditional medical treatment and should be used as a complementary therapy.

Incomparible healing properties

Soothes negative energy




Onyx helps separate and guards you against your negative emotions and helps you cope and heal from sorrow and grief

If you are in an unhappy or any relationship where you cannot overcome the negatives in it, it can help you release from that person. Onyx can help defend against negative attacks and people. Black stones are the absence of light and are thus said to help make you invisible to the negative. It helps with self confidence and ego as well as building your responsibility and sharpens your senses, especially against negative Nancies.

Onyx is associated with Saturn, the Capricorn Zodiac sign and is a July birthstone.

Onyx is believed to have several crystal-healing properties:

  1. Enhances focus and concentration: Onyx is believed to help improve mental focus and concentration, making it a good choice for those who struggle with staying on task or completing tasks efficiently.
  2. Increases physical strength and endurance: Onyx is said to increase physical strength and endurance, making it useful for athletes or those who engage in physical labor.
  3. Encourages feelings of stability and security: Onyx is thought to help individuals feel more grounded and stable, providing a sense of security and comfort.
  4. Enhances decision-making skills: Onyx is believed to enhance decision-making skills, helping individuals to make clear and logical choices.
  5. Aids in overcoming fears and phobias: Onyx is said to help individuals overcome fears and phobias, making it a useful tool for those dealing with anxiety or stress.

Separates from negative people

Invisible to sorrow and grief



The pearl is an organic gemstone and grows inside live oysters.

One of the oldest gemstones, astrologers link the pearl to the moon. This is the angel stone, and some say that the pearl was born when a drop of rain fell from heaven and became a part of the oyster, and others say that the pearl signifies the passage of angels through heaven’s clouds. Pearls are also called “teardrops of the moon.”

Over time, the pearl has become the symbol of purity and innocence, so it is often sewn into bridal gowns or worn as jewelry by the bride.

Pearl is a birthstone of many months: February, April, June, July, and November, and for the Zodiac signs of Gemini and Cancer.

Pearls are thought to have a variety of crystal-healing properties. Some of these include:

  1. Soothing and calming: Pearls are often associated with tranquility and peacefulness and are believed to help calm the mind and emotions.

  2. Enhancing inner wisdom: Pearls are said to help tap into one’s inner wisdom and intuition, encouraging self-discovery and personal growth.

  3. Promoting emotional balance: Pearls are thought to help balance emotions and bring a sense of calm and stability to the wearer.

  4. Enhancing creativity: Some people believe that pearls can help stimulate creativity and inspire new ideas.

  5. Enhancing femininity: Pearls are often associated with femininity and grace and are believed to help women tap into their innate beauty and grace.

  6. Helping with digestion: Pearls are sometimes used to help with digestion and other digestive issues.

  7. Helping with fertility: Some people believe that pearls can help improve fertility and enhance the chances of conception.

  8. Enhancing the skin: Pearls are believed to have anti-aging properties and may help improve the appearance of the skin.

The angel stone

Teardrops of the moon