Goldstone is a man-made glass that contains copper flecks, giving it a shimmering appearance

It is believed to have the following crystal healing properties:

  1. Energy: Goldstone is thought to be a good source of positive energy and to help increase vitality and strength.

  2. Confidence: Goldstone is said to boost self-confidence and to help individuals feel more in control of their lives.

  3. Healing: Goldstone is believed to be helpful for healing physical ailments, particularly those related to the joints and muscles.

  4. Creativity: Goldstone is thought to be a good stone for artists and other creative individuals, as it is believed to help stimulate creativity and to encourage new ideas.

  5. Grounding: Goldstone is thought to be a grounding stone, helping to anchor individuals to the present moment and to increase feelings of stability and balance.

Energy and vitality

Growth and abundance