JadeĀ is an ancient gemstone and is green in color.

Jade is a gemstone that is believed by some to have healing properties. In crystal healing, it is believed to be a powerful stone that can help balance and stabilize the heart chakra and promote feelings of love, peace, and harmony. It is also thought to be a protective stone that can help to deflect negative energy and bring good fortune. Some people believe that jade can help improve physical and mental well-being and may benefit the kidneys, heart, and immune system.

Jade is used to attract love and money into your life. You should positively visualize using money creatively and productively; it brings prosperity to business. It also helps strengthen your mind and helps with clear reasoning. Jade is a protective stone and guards against accidents and misfortune. It symbolizes successful love when carved into a butterfly and is associated with the heart chakra. Jade is a great healing stone and works through the nonphysical reasons for disease. It tends to help with self-healing kidneys, heart, and stomach.

Jade is associated with Pisces and Libra Zodiac signs and is May’s birthstone.

Protective and self-healing

Positive attitude towards money