Quartz Crystal

Quartz is a clear common crystal that is usually clear white

The crystal dates back to ancient times and is said to be used in healing as a crystal point amplifier for the energies of other stones. It, like rose quartz, may be used to grow romantic love and also has cooling powers, as it was originally believed to be a form of ice crystals that would never melt. Crystals are often used in meditation and occur and are cut into a variety of shapes and sizes, which help focus the power within them. Often, you can find them in a point or a ball.

While the crystal may not work on the same wavelength as negative people, it is said to be attuned to those humans who are seeking to really understand themselves.

Folklore: Quartz crystal has been revered in many cultures and has a rich history in folklore. In ancient Rome, quartz crystal was believed to be the tears of the gods and was often worn as a talisman to bring good fortune. In Native American cultures, quartz crystal was believed to be a powerful healing stone that could be used to communicate with the spirit world.

Birthstone: Quartz crystal is the birthstone for those born in February. It is believed to bring clarity, focus, and harmony to those who wear it. 

Crystal Healing Properties: Quartz crystal is known for its powerful energy-cleansing and amplifying properties. It is believed to help with concentration and memory and calm and balance the mind and body. Quartz crystal is also thought to be a powerful healer, able to help with physical and emotional issues. It is often used in crystal grids and energy work to amplify and direct energy toward a specific intention or goal.

Amplifies other energies

The human stone